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  • The Frederick Haldimand discussion

    The Frederick Haldimand discussion0

    SIX NATIONS — Last week we published an article asking the question if Sir Frederick Haldimand we in fact a friend of Six Nations or a foe. We received responses and opened lively discussion amongst our readers, which was quite educational indeed. For those that missed it, the entire article is on our website at tworowtimes.com.

  • OPINON: Indigenous people are capable to protect our own, and resolve our issues1

    The Ontario Court of Appeal heard the case of a Six Nations Mohawk, Ken Hill, known tobacco businessman, defending his right not be pushed through a foreign court system to resolve a spousal support claim from another Haudenosaunee person. Hill says he and Britney Beaver were in a non-exclusive, non-spousal sexual relationship when she became

  • It’s not as easy as it looks

    It’s not as easy as it looks0

    Imagine that your name has been called to a stage. You are competing against other competitors to be selected as the new face for an ambassadorship. It is now the public speaking section of the competition. The stage is set in front of your family members, friends, supporters and other competitors families. You walk up

  • Building a professional men’s wardrobe on a budget

    Building a professional men’s wardrobe on a budget0

    I was talking with my friend Ivan who was bragging about how his people invented the silk neck tie. Apparently the trend began with 17th century Croatian mercenaries and assassins who aided the French during the 30 years’ war. Afterwards the silk tie caught on as a fashion trend in Europe. Today a suit and

  • Multiple Dog Attacks on 7th Line

    Multiple Dog Attacks on 7th Line0

    SIX NATIONS — Norma VanEvery is a pet lover and has had to endure the brutal mutilations of two of her animals and the dismemberment of a cat in a cage by a band of rez-dogs that roam her River Range neighbourhood. When concerns and complaints made to council and elsewhere were not being dealt

  • Opinion: Who Decides Who is Mohawk?

    Opinion: Who Decides Who is Mohawk?0

    One of the basic rights of any people is to decided who, and who is not, a member. This determination is done among families, religious groups, fellowship lodges, motorcycle clubs and nations.  It is one of the most important elements in defining true sovereignty along with culture, jurisdiction, land and history. The Mohawk Nation has