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  • Opinion: Who Decides Who is Mohawk?

    Opinion: Who Decides Who is Mohawk?0

    One of the basic rights of any people is to decided who, and who is not, a member. This determination is done among families, religious groups, fellowship lodges, motorcycle clubs and nations.  It is one of the most important elements in defining true sovereignty along with culture, jurisdiction, land and history. The Mohawk Nation has

  • Brantford Tax Project 2018 Takes Up the Cause of Mohawk Nation’s Liberation

    Brantford Tax Project 2018 Takes Up the Cause of Mohawk Nation’s Liberation0

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 22, 2018) — The Six Nations Indians or Mohawks in Brantford, Ontario, have a new mission to defend their tax rights and culture. The Brantford Tax Project 2018 has been set up to seek liberation of real property in Brantford, convert it into liberated and independent holdings and end the tyranny of

  • Canada v Native Indians: being a Racist is a way of life

    Canada v Native Indians: being a Racist is a way of life0

    Lately, many Canadians have been implying and somewhat naively, that Indians are too quick to “use the Race Card” in their dealings with Canada’s police and Law Courts; nothing could be further from the truth. The real truth is; Canada has designed the Indian Reserve System along racist lines which in turn has resulted in

  • Familiar stories in unfamiliar lands

    Familiar stories in unfamiliar lands0

    By Lyle Hill Lacrosse has always been more than just a game for the Iroquois people, it is medicine. It begins with the little ones who are just learning the game and later on in life they will find out what the game means to themselves and their culture. In recent years the game has

  • Status Holder’s Income Situated on Reserve

    Status Holder’s Income Situated on Reserve0

    A thorough explanation of income tax exemption involving indigenous people. Section 81 of the Income Tax Act and section 87 of the Indian Act work together to exempt indigenous people with Indian status from tax on income situated on reserve. But determining when income is situated on reserve is a convoluted task that frequently leads

  • Justice was Denied; again

    Justice was Denied; again0

    By: Doug Whitlow, BA On Wednesday, June, 27, 2018; a Jury of his Peers found Peter Khill Not Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder in the death of Jonny Styres of the Six Nations Indian Reserve in the Mohawk Territory of Southern, Ontario, Canada. Although the people of the Six Nations Reserve were hoping Khill would