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  • Haudenosaunee passports final accepted for I-Nats

    Haudenosaunee passports final accepted for I-Nats0

    Team Iroquois always get extra attention at the World Men’s Lacrosse Championships held this year in Israel. Players and lacrosse fans around the world recognize the Haudenosaunee as the originators of what they call, “Creators Game.” Early French missionaries saw that the sticks they used in this strange game were shaped like Bishops crooks, giving

  • SN Warriors must win Wednesday

    SN Warriors must win Wednesday0

    SIX NATIONS — The Wilmott Wild were anxiously awaiting the outcome of the battle of the Warriors in Jr. C lacrosse playoff action after flattening the Fergus Thistles in three straight games. Brantford and Six Nations are tied in a frantic race for supremacy, ties at one game appease. Brantford won game no.1 by a

  • Redrum MC send lacrosse player to Saskatchewan

    Redrum MC send lacrosse player to Saskatchewan0

    SIX NATIONS — “There are no words to say,” expresses “Mini” Greeene, mom of Bryson who is now going to Saskatchewan to follow his lacrosse star at the SLA-SUBWAY Box National Bantam Championships hosted in Saskatoon between August 9th to14th. When he earned a spot on the team the joy was tempered by the knowledge