Six Nations Rebels continue impressive season with two home wins

SIX NATIONS —The Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels are maintaining in the top spot of the league; they now sit undefeated after 13 scheduled games.

In defeating the Point Edward Pacers in their highest scoring match yet, 29-3, just days before, the Rebels hosted the London Blue Devils within the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Tuesday, May 23.

Kevin Hill opened scoring for the Rebels, followed by Joe Squire, interrupted by a single for the Blue Devils. Damon Doxtatar put one away, followed by Winter Rivera, with three Blue Devils goals in between. Anahilis Doxtador put one away and Winter Rivera went for his second, This racked up a close lead for the Rebels, 6-4.

In the second, Winter Rivera earned his third goal of the game to open scoring, followed by Anahilis Doxtador with his second, Joe Squire with his second and Kevin Hill with his second. The Blue Devils mustered four goals in between but codlin’t prevent the Rebels from burying. Anahilis Doxtador earned his third goal, while Richie Albert put another away. Damon Doxtatar, Tayton Skye, Anahilis Doxtador and Kaylem Whales Racette put goals up before the period ended, making the game 16-8.

Coming into the third period, the Blue Devils put up four points but couldn’t chip away at the deficit. Joe Squire went for his third, while Raymond Cortes and Brendan Campbell went for their firsts. Anahilis Doxtador put away his fourth goal of the game, while Winter Rivera earned another, and Ryan Hess, Macay Jimerson and Raymond Cortes closed the period with singles. This finalized the game at 23-12 for the Rebels.

Later in the week, giving the Rebels two nights rest, on Friday, May 25, the home team saw the Wallaceburg Red Devils visit the ILA.

In the first period, Macay Jimerson earned one and Hodo Martin worked with Anahilis Doxtador and Richie Albert to put two away. Although underdeveloped on offence, the Red Devils put up a strong defence, keeping the Rebels away from scoring as much as they normally would. This closed the period after the Red Devils delivered on goal, 3-1 for the Rebels.

In the second, the Rebels took advantage of the long change, and Joe Squire, Kaylem Whales Racette and Hodo Martin each put singles away, uninterrupted. The Red Devils responded once, but Anahilis Doxtador, Rakawineh Elijah, Hodo Martin with two, and Macay JImerson ensured a solid lead by the end. Their effort racked up the score to 11-2 for the Rebels.

In the third, the Red Devils seemed to taper off on offence, but keep their positioning and pressuring clear on defence. The Rebels still earned two goal, one by stand out Hodo Martin with his fifth goal of the game, and Damon Decaire.

The next match for the Rebels will see them at home again this Friday, June 2, to face the Windsor Clippers at 8:00 p.m., within the ILA.

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