Where did 2014 go?

Time seems to move just a little faster for anyone in the newspaper business. At least that is how it seems. You just get last week’s paper “put to bed” as it were, and next weeks paper is screaming for attention like a hungry hatchling.

The result is, one week blends into the next, one month into another, and before you know it, the year has passed you by and you are left standing there wondering where the year went. Then it starts all over again. That is were we find ourselves this week at the Two Row Times.

There is nothing like a little experience to thwart even the best laid out plans and we have been through a few growing pains along the way, like any other new business. The secret is in remaining true to our vision while, at the same time, remaining flexible and agile enough to dodge the occasional slings and arrows and willing enough to adjust and adapt as required. That in itself is harder to do that one may think.

In the beginning, we insisted that this would be a free paper. Although that was risky, it has paid off, helping us to grow our readership weekly. But by letting our readers enjoy the TRT for free, we are dependent upon our advertisers to keep the good ship TRT afloat.

We would like to take this time to thank our growing relationships with local and area businesses who have walked with us so far in our journey as we look forward to meeting more new friends and clients.
And that isn’t even talking about the thousands of visitors daily to our website and social media sites.

So, on this, occasion we wish our readers, supporters and advertisers a safe and rewarding holiday time with friends and family. It has been a good year.

Thank you, Nia:wen for a great year, from the ownership and staff of the Two Row Times: the Spirit of all Nations.

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