Editorial: Barbaric “Christian” Practices

Depending how seriously you take the Two Row Wampum covenant of 1688 you may or may not have voted. Honouring the Two Row means that we do not interfere with the British vessel but what if the other vessel is trying to sink ours?

The ol’ gumper said that voting for Stephen Harper “wasn’t very high on his radar.”

It looks like Justin is the new Prime Minister and our cousins and nephews in the North seem to have forgotten his father’s role in creating the 1969 White Paper which would have turned reserves into municipalities and terminated the treaties.

Hopefully the apple has fallen far, far from the tree.

But most astounding, most mind boggling of all is the sheer number of Conservative voters in the Brant riding. Take a drive through North Brantford and see the blue placards littering the front yards. For us, the people of Six Nations the blue sign represents centuries of oppression and colonialism in all its evil glory.

And what about Conservative voters from Six Nations? Statistics show five Haudenosaunee people voted against their best interests for Stephen Harper in 2011. How can these things be?!

It’s because of religion. At some point in the past, propaganda was created that convinced the church that a “Christian Choice” exists in North American politics. Let’s take a deeper look at this concept.

First of all is the myth that Conservatives uphold core Christian values. They uphold certain values alright but these values are completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus. The “Barbaric Christian Practices” of right-wing politics are:

  1. The colonization and genocide of the indigenous title holders of land; and upholding the stereotype that Indians are savage, stupid and evil to help manage guilt.
  2. Pillaging and looting the indigenous people’s natural resources such as forests, diamonds, gold and oil for profit under the guise of divine providence.
  3. Misinterpreting biblical scripture to justify murder, theft, and greed.
  4. The intrinsic sacredness of jobs and the Blessed Economy.

We suspect that the majority of Conservative voters do not understand the finer points of religion or politics and are steered by a few major hot button topics and vote based upon fear.

Abortion. Probably everyone is against using abortion as a form of birth control but electing Stephen Harper did nothing to stop abortion from happening. Conservative voters have a fear that if Mulcair was PM, abortions would be offered at Shoppers Drug Mart with in-store rebates.

Welfare. Jesus explicitly taught to give to the poor over and over again (Matt. 6:3, Luke 3:11) and that the financially wealthy probably won’t enter heaven (Matt. 6:24, Matt. 19:21, Luke 18:25). So a tax-burden bogeyman was created in the early days of politics that doesn’t really exist. Jesus fed the poor, and that’s that.

Niqab. Why are we even talking about this? Christian wives wear veils at marriage, nuns cover themselves similarly. Ancient Israelite priests wore turbans (Exod 28:40; Lev 8:13) and women, even Jacobs mom Rebekah, wore veils that covered their faces (Gen 24:65) – deal with it. Let’s expose the Anti-Niqab “issue” for what it really is, an anti-Islamic “issue.”

Israel. Ask any Christian Conservative if Benjamin Netanyahu sits upon the Throne of David and watch them squirm. If he does, then he is an anti-Christ because he does not accept Jesus as Messiah and has secular policies in place that are not based upon the Torah (Hebrew Bible). If he doesn’t then why do they support an imposter?

The Torah says to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6) and speaking of the children of Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel) that God will “Bless those that bless you” (Gen. 12:3). Both of these instructions could be accomplished without sending billions of misappropriated dollars to the state of Israel – USA has sent $233 billion dollars of dirty money generated from stolen land since 1949.

Sending financial support to Israel should be considered a Barbaric Christian practice because 2,065 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. The insane irony of this situation is that there were over 200,000 Palestinian Christians living in the Holy Land before 1948 which was 1/3 of the 600,000 Jews that were peacefully living there.

Today, Christians are only 2% of the population of Israel and the Levant. Nice going right-wingers you wiped out your own dudes!

To all those in the Brant riding who voted Conservative because it was the “Christian” thing to do, think about this – Canada isn’t a theocracy and it never was. This colony was built upon a giant graveyard and the blood of the innocent is crying out from the ground still today.

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