Dear full-blooded Canadians

If you have any native friends on social media then you are aware of #NODAPL and the anti-oil stance of indigenous people. For all others, consider this your notification.

Many of your fellow countrymen have pointed out that indigenous people also use fossil fuel and are active participants in North American consumerism. Okay, that is true but there are a few points to be made before that statement can be qualified.

These detractors fail to realize that our original country has been taken hostage by theirs through fabricated legislation called the “Indian Act of Canada”. North American history is a history of squatting and land theft, look at the Rupert’s Land Act.


Fact: Canada was a company before it was a country.


In 1670, legend goes, a change of guard happened. Hundreds of fully sovereign and unconquered indigenous nations seem to have unilaterally passed all authority and jurisdiction to the Hudson’s Bay Company of Adventurers, or so they say. We say different — there is no wampum or contract for this deal.

Two hundred years later, 1870 A.D., one and a half million square miles of territory were transferred to create the Dominion of Canada which at the time had a population of 3,625,000. Canada even had the nerve to transform itself from a colony to a nation despite having no real culture, large land base or language other than European ones. They charged themselves £300,000 (that’s British pounds) and that was that.

Canada is still legally a Dominion and as a matter of fact, it can be called simply “Dominon” although the term fell out of favour after the Second World War, it still applies. A Mari Usque Ad Mare (English: From Sea to Sea) is your official motto taken from Psalm 72:8, “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” Unfortunately for Canadians, this psalm was written in 930 B.C. by King Solomon about the coming Messiah. Saviour complex much, Canada?

Here in our continent, deals were made without our knowledge and consent and there is no good reason to explain why Canada has our collective land without resorting to North American fables of divine providence. Turtle Island is not your “Holy Land”, bro.

Despite all the talk of reconciliation, all we are doing here on both sides is procrastinating an inevitable war that our children will have to fight. Look at the 1,100 unsettled land claims, and the 1,300 missing and murdered indigenous women and children – is your country intentionally provoking us?

We didn’t choose this colonized life — colonization was forced upon us. Dear Canadians, your government enacted a genocidal reign of terror against us indigenous people that still isn’t over. So when you point out the fact that we drive SUV’s it doesn’t win the argument because our indigeneity isn’t dependent on external circumstances.

Indigenous people think in quantum — both/and. Maybe we are naive but we believe we can use oil in an ethical manner, or maybe in a less lethal way. It’s also important to note that we don’t own the billion dollar companies who are profiting from fossil fuels.

As it stands right now there are very few protections and considerations for the earth and also the animal life that depends on water.

If we cannot prevent bitumen from being extracted from our mother’s veins, indigenous people everywhere will demand that it is delivered safely without the risk of harming her even more.

How can millions not care about the land they are from? The ferocious obsession our visitors have for stealing resources and destroying our land proves that it doesn’t really belong to them because if it did they would protect it like the real flesh and blood warriors who are laying it all on the line every single cold day in North Dakota.

Relax with the looting and pillaging young visitors.

Shilo Hill from Sour Springs Rd. was there on the front lines representing Six Nations Sunday, November 20th when the American state violently broke international treaties and attacked water protectors again, this time with increased aggression. He was hit by a tear gas canister that could have taken his life. Jill Styres and others from Six Nations were also there when it happened.

Human rights investigators are looking into the video footage of water cannons being used directly on water protectors and land defenders. An official statement by N.D. police said that no water cannon was used. It is a violation of human rights because of the freezing 20 F (-6 C) temperatures, the night of the 20th. It was also a violation of the spirit, because they were trapped on a bridge and were relentlessly assaulted with the very water they are trying to save.

This was the same night that Sophia Wilansky was shot 14 times by police as she was handing out bottles of water and surgeons fought for hours to save her limb. How ironic that an indigenous woman was shot while attempting to save our indigenous mother, the earth.

President Barrack Obama said he will just ‘let it play out’ so, we can’t count on any help from Barry. The left and the right wing belong to the same greedy vulture that’s been masquerading around the globe as a bald eagle.

Oil companies make up the richest corporations in the world – rich in money that is. China National Petroleum generated $299 billion last year. Sinopec and Royal Dutch Shell hauled in $294 and $272 billion respectively. One third of the top 50 companies by revenue in 2016 are oil and gas companies.

Do they really think they can just steal oil from mother earth without consquences? Momma I love you, P.O.P. hold it down.

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