Demystifying the Two Row Times

Four years going strong and sometimes people wonder how we are a free paper. It’s kind of funny, but some think advertising is free too.

Well actually we are supported by advertising revenue and that’s what pays the bills. If you like our paper, please advertise with us.

Getting into the newspaper game this late is also kind of funny. A lot of media outlets have said that the print industry is a dying one, but we’ve discovered that isn’t quite true. The TRT still flies off those 400-plus shelves week-to-week and our distribution manager Tim Reynolds has been keeping track of how many papers come back to our offices. Last year our return rate was under three per cent. Blowing away industry standards.

Our wide distribution network puts ads into the hands of shoppers from off-reserve who may be interested in what Six Nations and surrounding areas have to offer. It’s a service that all of our advertisers take advantage of. The Two Row Times even goes to northern reserves in our provincial issue — the fourth week of every month.

While other newspapers are dying ours is flourishing because reliable sources for indigenous news is scarce. You might be surprised with how many “non-native” readers we have. Rumour has it our online editions are e-mailed back and forth internally at the Department of Indian Affairs.

We survived a barrage of early disinformation and lies by certain detractors. Our story is practically the story of “Anchorman” Ron Burgundy. No one realized providing timely and relevant news was such serious business until now.

2017 will be a year of expansion. This newspaper will be available at all Grand Erie District School Board schools. We are also planning to move into a brand new facility later this year. It’s an exciting time for us really.

Did you know that TRT outreach editor Nahnda Garlow writes and records daily indigenous news clips for Jukasa Radio? You can hear her every day on the hour by tuning into 93.5 FM while you are at work, or listen online. Check it out.

And how about those centrespreads? If you have ideas or submissions for these pull out posters email us at and give us some feedback we will take the time to respond!

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