Racism Justified

It’s a drastically different world than it was a generation ago. People are waking up everywhere, mostly.

There’s still racism in Canada but for the most part these racists keep their opinions to themselves now because of phones with great audio and video capabilities. Victims can put evidence online and shame racists for their bigotry.

Minor sports games off-reserve used to be a stroll through 19th century Tennessee.

It’s just a normal Canadian Saturday for many indigenous parents to be called wagon burners, dirty indians, chugs, and wahoo’s at minor sports events. Our intelligence is oftentimes insulted and Six Nations people usually take the better path, keeping our national dignity intact – like we always have.

Time and time again our amazing children will win against the enemy team all while battling against one-sided refereeing as well.

Anti-indigenous racists in Canada have something in common – horrible education. They are drunk with the notion that their “superior society” defeated the “Savage Indians” and that the remnant “groups” are standing in the way of progress.

For Canadians, racism isn’t really perceived as racism because it seems justified by history.

First of all our ancient indigenous society was far more advanced than this barbaric death bowl of filth we find ourselves currently living in. According to author Charles C. Mann, seven out of seven historians and academics would rather live here in this continent in the year 1491 than in old Europe.

Its proven that we cultivated gigantic gardens, terraforming the entire east coast. We have never been lazy or idle.

Six Nations has subsidized Canada economically with our natural resources and trust funds, authorized Canada through treaties such as the Two Row Wampum, and established Canada with our blood at Queenston heights when the Americans were on their way to destroy the British on October 13th, 1812.

We won’t even mention the 9 million square kilometers of land and 21% of planet Earth’s fresh water supply that was misappropriated and exploited.

Canada should be ours by rights. The Haudenosaunee should be the only ones in Ottawa if there was any sense of justice.

I once had a very discouraging conversation with a language teacher from BCI. He was a foster child who was adopted by a Canadian family and has been living in Canada for over thirty years in a large and comfortable home. He criticised Six Nations nationality, “Your story is the same story that has happened all over the world, time again,” and just like that this teacher erased indigenous histories and minimized the complexity of our oppression. A Brantford educator said that.

I say Six Nations would be stronger than China right now with a population of  billions if we had any immunity to smallpox whatsoever.

European diseases paved the way for colonization, not divine providence or superior technology like you have been told.

Our technology was superior, anyway. Flint-lock guns didn’t work well in the rain but our bows had hemp strings that out-performed muskets in both range and killing power – rain or shine.

European boots caused trench foot while moccasins soaked in mink oil were 100% waterproof.

How can we even explain racism to a country who has John A. MacDonald glorified on their ten dollar biill.

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