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The Haudenosaunee people have an oral history that is credible, reliable and consistent. This method of transmitting information has come under scrutiny by the Canadian courts and academia. Perhaps they have forgotten that the Pentateuch, also known as The Torah from which The Holy Bible is based, was also oral tradition until Moses and Joshua took the time to sit down and write.

The living and active nature of oral history is it’s power. In ancient times our elders would recite teachings of the past, the Great Peace, and other philosophical concepts day after day and our people would absorb this invaluable information over time.

If at any time someone attempted to change a protocol within the Great Peace when retelling the story, there would be an entire community present to stand up and correct them. Altering history and revising the Kaianere’kò:wa would be impossible.

It has been said that Canadian law takes precedent over Kaianere’kò:wa because it is written down, and words on paper are truer than spoken law. But the fact remains that the white man’s law changes every year like shifting sands, yet the Great Peace, the Kaianere’kò:wa, has remained the same over millennia. It was perfect then and it’s perfect now.

For all the Christians who dismiss it as “Longhouse,” and for all the Ojibwe and Cree who say it’s not their way, and for all the Canadians who don’t know or don’t care: the Great Peace is for everyone.

The Great Peace was a international movement from the very beginning. It has been taught that the Peacemaker himself was not of the five original nations of the Haudenosaunee but of the Wendat Huron nation.

The white roots of peace have been extended to the four directions, inviting all people to take shelter under the symbolic tree. It is the only system that provides for true unity and diversity within the same body.

The melting pot of the USA perverted our democracy by forcing the poor, tired, huddled masses to conform within a class structure that did not exist in these lands pre-1492. The entitlement and individualism of North America is reaching a boiling point.

What was once an interconnected meta-community of peaceful Indigenous nations has now turned into millions of autonomous individuals, each brewing single serve coffee in their respective Keurig machines.

When you enter your brother’s house, his rules apply to you without question. Although he is your kin, if he demands you remove your shoes at the door, you do, especially if it is his wife who insists. If he gets sick, too sick to speak, and his wife has passed away, common courtesy says this rule still applies when you come to visit.

The Great Peace still applies over these lands as the rule of law because we are the host nation. Canadian jurisdiction must abide by Admiralty Law (Maritime Law) until the original, host people are either exterminated or assimilated and land title is lawfully transferred to the colonial authorities. A handful of shaky, forced X’s on a surrender document may be legal in their system, but it is not lawful in the eyes of the Creator.

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