Great gifts for the family foodie

Food features prominently throughout the holiday season. Family meals around the holiday dinner table are a cherished tradition in millions of households, and food also plays a central role during seasonal gatherings with friends and colleagues.


Many families feature at least one foodie. Foodies always know the best place in town to grab a bite or when a trendy new restaurant will open its doors. But such individuals also enjoy making meals at home, and the following gift ideas can make this holiday season more flavourful for the family foodie.


Tabletop firepit: Shoppers who want to impress their food-loving loved ones with something truly unique can give a tabletop firepit. Safe for indoor use, tabletop firepits enable s’mores-loving foodies to indulge in a traditionally summertime favourite all year round. Tabletop firepits are small enough to be stored on a kitchen countertop or in a cabinet. When in use, the s’mores-friendly accessory is smokeless, removing perhaps the lone disadvantage to making this beloved treat.


Club subscription: Monthly subscriptions are a gift that can be given all the way until the next holiday season. Sweets lovers will undoubtedly appreciate receiving a box of fresh chocolates each month, while those with more unique tastes may anxiously await the day their monthly shipment of pickles arrives at their doorstep. The options are endless, ensuring there’s a monthly subscription out there to tickle every foodie’s fancy.


Sauce sampler: Amateur sauciers may find inspiration in a sauce sampler set. Sampler set options abound, so shoppers can find something for foodies who love a spicy sauce, something more sweet or even in between. Of course, sampler sets also provide a range of sauces, making them ideal for foodies who want something spicy tonight before pivoting to a sweeter dish tomorrow. Flavoured olive oil sampler sets also can be a great gift for cooks who love to experiment with new flavours.


Charcuterie board and knife set: Foodies who love to host their fellow food fanatics will no doubt fall in love with a new charcuterie board and knife set. A 2023 report from Kroger revealed that the supermarket chain expected charcuterie boards to remain popular over the course of the year. That popularity makes sense, as anything from meat to cheese to fruit to crackers has a home on a charcuterie board, making the item especially appealing to foodies who routinely share their homes and love of food with friends and family.


Espresso maker: Of course, foodies aren’t just about food. Beverages also figure prominently in many foodies’ lives. A high-end espresso maker can ground fresh beans and brew multiple cups in no time at all, making it an ideal addition to any foodie’s culinary arsenal.


Food is a vital component of the holiday season and can even be incorporated into holiday shopping.

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