Finding the motivation to keep going

One of the biggest hurdles to sticking with any lifestyle plan is that moment when giving up looks way more fun than powering through. Say you’ve had a crummy week and you just want to hide under the blankets and give up: how do you overcome? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you through the struggle.

Look over your ‘why’. Believe it or not, you are one of your best encouragers. Remember why you began? When you decided to participate in the Healthy Roots Indigenous Wellness Challenge we invited everyone to write down ‘why’ they wanted to commit to holistic wellbeing. Find that scrap of paper that you jotted down your ideas on and read it out loud to someone you trust.

Turn it up! If you are starting to dread your exercise routine or cooking another meal try blasting two of your favorite songs before you get going. This can prep your mind and get you in the mood to take on the job ahead of you. Sing it out loud which will also get your blood pumping, lift your spirits and shift the energy towards getting it done.

Treat yo’ self. If you have been working your tail off the last few weeks it’s probably about time for a reward. Positive reinforcement works for kids and it works for grown-ups even better. Download some new music, get a haircut, or splurge on a new pair of running shoes – something to acknowledge a job well done because you deserve it.

One word: Pinterest. For those of you who haven’t found your way over to Pinterest yet you are missing out. This social media platform is basically a searchable database of everybody’s best ideas ever. You can look for workout ideas, motivational quotes, recipes, and an endless list of other resources to inspire you to get back on track.

Pay it forward. One of the easiest ways to encourage yourself is to step up and encourage someone else. The trick is that you have to be bold enough to put yourself out there and say something kind to someone else and truly believe that they can do this! Hearing yourself saying words of blessing out loud to another person will help manifest goodness in your own life as well.

See for yourself. Close your eyes, get quiet and concentrate on your breathing. Let the stress, doubt and challenges melt away as you imagine yourself successful at the end of this journey and reaching every single goal you set out to achieve. See yourself winning. You will achieve it if you can believe it.

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