Highlighting indigenous men’s health on the golf course

The Southern Aboriginal Diabetes Inititative (SOADI) is holding a golf tournament this summer in hopes to gather men together in a fun and entertaining way to address men’s health issues.

SOADI’s yearly health initiative this year – “Taking Aim FORE Men’s Health” will be taking place on Thursday, August 20, 2105 at the Otter Creek golf Club in Otterville ON and is slated to be a day of entertainment, good golf and raising funds and awareness for indigenous men from across the province.

According to their website, “the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care for the development, and enhancement of programs and services focusing on the education, prevention, and management of diabetes in Aboriginal communities, both on and off-reserve. The high prevalence of diabetes in Aboriginal society has placed it among the top health priorities.”

Mitch Baird is the Program Development Coordinator at SOADI and he hopes the golf event will be a unique and fun way to reach indigenous men in the province to address. “We’re hoping to have 120 people to play,” said Baird. “They don’t have to be men but the theme is going to be healthy men in the family.”

Baird told the Two Row Times, “We interact with a lot of people on health and training throughout the year, and within the thousand or so people we interact with over the year only about 25% of them are men.”

Instead of reaching the target audience by hosting a traditional conference style event, SOADI came up with the idea of reaching out to indigenous men where they can already be found. “We felt the need to meet men where they are at and typically they like to be at golf tournaments so we felt instead of getting them to come out to something we would go to them.”

Renowned indigenous hockey coach Ted Nolan is going to be speaking at the event about his family’s struggle with diabetes. And actor/comedian Herbie Barnes is also scheduled to appear and do some sketch comedy during the tournament as well.

There will be a wellness trade show, elders and drum teachings, foot care clinic along with great prizes and some delicious food at this year’s tournament.

Baird said, “Around the course we will have health screenings and things as well. It will be a day that will be fun but also reaching our men with information on healthy living and diabetes prevention.”

SOADI is also looking for other organizations to participate as partners or sponsors to the event. Anyone interested in setting up a health booth, donating player prizes, providing financial sponsorship or volunteering at the event can call 519-750-0893 or email westcentral@soadi.ca for more information.

Cost to register for the tournament is $100 per person and $400 per team of four. To register or for more information you can email pdc@soadi.ca.

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