Holistic health food and nutrition store opens on Six Nations

A new health food and nutrition store has opened on Six Nations territory offering holistic nutritional supplements, organic and indigenous foods and self-care products.

Life Sustainers held their grand opening last week. The store has been a dream of owner Karen Smith, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Smith received her training from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and has been working on getting the store together for about two years now.

For those familiar with organic foods you’ll recognize a lot of familiar brands such as Sun Warrior Protein, Manitoba Hemp, Traditional Medicinals teas, Central Roast Raw nuts and Bob’s Red Mill grain products. And also a number of exclusive products in skin care and aromatherapy to bring you into the shop and have you heading back for more next time.

These are all now available from an indigenous entrepreneur right here on the reserve. Which is also a bonus for the sociologically tactical consumer – conscious of who they are supporting and where they are directing their grocery money.

Smith also is finalizing details to extend her inventory to include indigenous medicines and food products from other indigenous providers in the area.

“I want to have a larger selection of bulk items and especially raw almonds. In order to get the right almonds for sprouting you have to get the ones from Spain. Because the ones from California – you can’t sprout them,” shared Smith, who truly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to holistic nutritional information. “It’s really important to soak your almonds. It removes the phytic acids. I read somewhere that hickory nuts were traditionally soaked as well. So we did that too.”

Smith began her own nutritional journey when she became gluten-free about ten years ago. She would frequent local health food stores like The Source in Brantford and take note of the products seen there. That is when the inspiration took hold, and now today she is doing her part to provide healthy food, safe products and share her knowledge of holistic nutrition with the entire community.

Smith hopes that she will be able to grow her business to offer educational classes and workshops in the near future. “Anything from one day small workshops to more intensive eight week programs. That is what I hope to do,” said Smith.

If you are keen on eating healthy and supporting healthy nutrition ventures right on our own territory you must check out Life Sustainers at 1225 Sour Springs Road on Six Nations. You can contact Karen for hours and any other inquiries by emailing info@lifesustainers.com or by phone at 519-770-8485.

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