Spiritual Awareness

Being aware of the spiritual activity around me has been a long time coming and although I have a strong foundation my learning and growth are an ongoing process.

Understanding the world around me continues to be amazing. As I become more aware of the spiritual activity I can easier relate it to my everyday life, my work and my understanding of humanity. Communicating with my spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones is now essential for me.

However, it is also habit: I now do it without thinking. Like anything else we aspire to learn, this too has taken practice and conscious effort. By paying attention to: random thoughts; feelings; physical discomforts; sudden distractions; nature and dreams you will start to realize that something spiritual is happening around you.

You then ask the questions, why is this happening? What does this mean? What is the lesson? And by trusting what comes to you, your questions will be answered.

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