Launching your own video game show

For the last 30 years we have watched indigenous people take increasingly more prominent roles in the media. We can think of native actors, comedians, musicians, politicians and athletes. Despite the widespread popularity of video games on every territory across these lands, there are not many video games developed by indigenous companies or video game shows produced by our own people.

Exactly one year ago, December 9th, 2013 I stumbled across a young Anishnabek man from Thunder Bay named Jordan Shap who hosted his own video game livestream. As I tuned in, I realized that we need more of this. Tech-savy young indigenous people providing content to the world. It wasn’t his charm or personality that drew my attention, Shap is a very quiet fellow – but it was the odd familiarity of watching someone who was like me. He reminded me of a cousin I hadn’t met, or my brother who had passed away. We had a common spirit.

Today I am launching my own YouTube channel called Aficionado & Friends Livestream. It is updated weekly with specific PC online video game material. If there are other indigenous video game content providers out there I would love to partner to provide other video game content to better represent our nations in this new online medium. To find me on YouTube search for Aficionado & Friends or go to:

To see Jordan Shap’s livestream go to:

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