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  • assassins 2

    Not our creed, but it’ll do

    By Victor Martisius It’s clear that Indigenous Culture is starting to become more recognized across the globe than it has ever been since colonization. Many things have happened to bring awareness of not only our culture but the struggles and injustices that we as a people have been enduring...
  • h2x1_nintendoclassicminines_announcement

    Retro Gaming is back with the NES Classic

    The NES Classic is supposed to retail for 90 bucks and is one of this year’s hottest items — good luck to everyone trying to get one, they are going like hot cakes on EBay right now for $250 a pop. As of November 22, is surging with...
  • diablo-2-box-set

    Diablo 2: LOD Review (PC Windows, MAC OS)

      Fifteen-year-old game still fun as ever When it comes to the universe of PC gaming, there are few games as iconic as Diablo 2: Lords of Destruction (LOD). In August 2016, Diablo 2 placed 21st on Time Magazine’s The 50 Best Video Games of All Time list (editorial...
  • marchupdate_kohat2

    Squad Review (PC Steam): Movement in the Tree Line

    SQUAD is a tactical first person video game that many are calling an online mil-sim, which is short form for military simulation, and sells for $40. Developer Offworld Industries says their goal was to create a game “built around teamwork and co-operation.” I say that Squad is the next...
  • pokemon

    Pokemon GO: By Frank Douglas Butler

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the craze, some people loving, some hating and some not understanding Pokemon GO; that’s what I’m here for — to help shed some light on this revolutionary game. So right out the front door I want to say, this feeling, the vintage,...
  • tumblr_n9ezu2DZcR1r9c835o7_1280

    Video game review: Tree of Savior picks up Steam this weekend

    The internet is constantly generating fancy new abbreviations and memes. Most gamers are aware that MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game but old geezers from my generation aren’t always with it when it comes to the internet. These days video games hold your hand and coddle...
  • WiiU_Splatoon_charset_01

    Video game review: Splatoon Wii U, Splatoon the perfect ink blot

    INKOPOLIS – Splatoon is a third-person shooter published by Nintendo for the Wii U that was released early 2015 amid critical praise and accolades. It’s been almost a year since launch and Splatoon is really catching on with younger gamers. Nintendo, the world’s most famous video game producer, took...
  • fallout-4

    Two Row Gamers: Fallout 4 the latest masterpiece (PC Windows, Xbox One, PS4)

    If you haven’t heard of the Fallout franchise you might be living under a rock. The latest installment of this action RPG series by Bethesda Studios was released Nov. 10th, 2015 and generated nearly 1 billion dollars of revenue in the first 24 hours it was launched. And fans...
  • IMG_4220

    First Nations youth a You Tube sensation with 2 million subscribers

    Three years ago, Austin Pamajewon was spending all of his time playing video games and his parents just didn’t understand. After graduating high school, instead of considering college or university, Austin decided to invest all of his time into his YouTube channel and Call of Duty. All of his...
  • 584238

    Battle for free on the open seas

    Video Game Review: World of Warships (PC, MAC) “What’s not to like about driving around in a 40,000-ton battleship with 16-inch guns?” says Nicholas Moran, an Army National Guardsman and Wargaming’s resident historian and chief evangelist to the military community. After playing the game, all I can do is...
  • EVE_Online_Screenshot_Fleet2

    Capitalism and super-colonies in space

    NEW EDEN – 21 thousand years into the future humans have used up the resources of not just the earth but the entire Milky Way galaxy. With nothing left to eat and nowhere to go the future of humanity looked dim until a naturally forming wormhole opened up leading...
  • No Mans

    Robots & Heroines in Dystopia – E3 2015

    Every year around this time something tremendously epic happens. Gamers get a glimpse into the future at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo which is most commonly called E3. This year was no disappointment. Trailers and announcements for the huge franchises were everywhere – Halo 5, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2,...
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