Pokemon GO: By Frank Douglas Butler

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the craze, some people loving, some hating and some not understanding Pokemon GO; that’s what I’m here for — to help shed some light on this revolutionary game.

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So right out the front door I want to say, this feeling, the vintage, the nostalgia, it all feels exactly the way it did in ’96 when Pokemon red and blue released. The energy you get finding the Pokemon you want, the stress you get when the ball shakes two times and you’re waiting on your third, and of course the feeling of defeat when your friend, rival or gym leader disposes of you.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, in the original games you wandered vast regions in search of all 151 — now more than 500 — Pokemon, all eight gym badges and of course the title of Pokemon master. When you throw a pokeball (the item used to catch wild Pokemon) it will shake three times, sometimes shaking once and breaking free.

The huge difference with Pokemon GO is instead of sitting in your living room on your Nintendo getting yelled at by your parents to go outdoors and play, you are forced to go out and use the GPS location services on your smartphone and you literally have to go out in your city and find these Pokemon.

Yes, I sweat almost every day.

I’m skating around finding Pokemon and stopping at Pokestops on my way to work. Pokemon gyms usually landmarks around your area take some getting used to and for best results teamwork as your prompted to join one of three teams early in the game.

Pokestops are usually any for example churches and landmarks in your city, they provide free items and “refresh” every five minutes to provide almost everything necessary to play the game.

Overall I love the game. It feels like I’m a kid again but at the same time I’m being active, and I get to teach my daughter who Pokemon are. The biggest thing for me is how many great people, I mean trainers, I have met.

Almost every pokestop I go to has a mass of trainers. This past weekend my spot had three carloads of people sitting and playing and two groups on foot walking around finding their desired Pokemon. Downtown is a whole other level, everyone shouting to one another, sitting together, laughing and having a great time.

It’s just like when Pokemon started.

Now I do understand there have been people not paying attention to their surroundings and that has jaded some people’s opinions including my own fathers, who claims its “stupid and another reason for people to look at their phones.”

In defence of Pokemon go it does state on the loading screen to “pay attention to your surroundings” other than this minuscule and totally controllable problem I give the revolutionary game Pokemon go a very close 8/10, why not a 10?

Well I would like to see servers crash less as sometimes there is issues and of course I would love to see the classic trainer to trainer battles as you can only battle various gyms in your city and “overtake” that gym.

For all other info and gameplay visit Pokemon go on the App Store on your smartphone and begin to catch em all!

Also shoutout to my fellow trainers Xvvixr and BrandonMooreSk8 I’ve seen them pull some rares and are definitely on their way to catching them all.

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