Brantford man won’t sell Haldimand Tract Land

BRANTFORD — Mike MacDiarmid has a problem. Even though he is non-native, he respects the Haldimand Deed and will not, in good conscience, sign any form of declaration which would imply that the land he owns was never part of the Haldimand Tract or under any kind of claim. In his mind, that is a lie and he will not be a part of the continuance of land fraud by Ontario and the federal Crown.

“With properties originally given to the Mohawks and such others who wished to accept the Crowns offer to lands in Canada in compensation for those lost after the American Revolution, it would have to come out of the Ontario Realty Corporations registry,” says MacDiarmid.

He began looking for answers and has yet found anything short of fraud that would allow the title to be sold.

“That is why I came to the Mohawks of Kanata Village to speak with Bill Squire and others to find out what is the instrument recognized throughout Canadian history as the instruments of title conveyance over my land,” says MacDiarmid.

“The Haldimand Proclamation is the instrument of conveyance as far as I see it, and I cannot, in all good conscience, sell land I do not have proper title too. I can’t sign a document that says it is not under claim because I know it is.”

He has been looking into land title registration since his mother’s death over the dispersion of her land in the Ancaster area, which was arbitrarily sold without his mother’s designated power of attorney or anyone else in family knowing about it. His portion of that sale is somewhere near $33,000 and he wonders how that could possibly happen.

But while he fights that, he wants to know about his 24 acres of land on Sour Springs Road as well. He is concerned that under the present system, which he believes has become corrupted by rich lawyers and land speculators associated with them, it too could be sold out from under him without his knowledge.

It has been a long search for MacDiarmid but he is still seeking answers to how, in the case of his mother’s property, the lawyer conveying his mother’s lands and the client who purchased it was the same person. He also wants to know on what grounds Ontario is free to sell off unceded Mohawk lands or allow it to be sold off without Mohawk consent.

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  1. I would like to publish a copy of your article to my website and share it on my Facebook timeline but cannot see a way to do that? May I copy the article quoting it? Having also being robbed of our realestate rights and victims of estate embezzlement I would like to share this story publically. thank you. trudi

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