Change The Name this Superbowl Sunday – Native People are Not Your Mascot

Indigenous people, their friends and heck, anyone who thinks racism is a bad thing will take to social media during today’s Superbowl game urging the NFL to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

Fans have been urging team owner Dan Snyder to change the name of the team and drop the term “Redskins”.

In an interview on USA Today Sports in May 2013, Snyder said; “…never.” 

But NFL fans are fighting back. A website called Fans for a New Tradition has put out a list of personalities for fans to Tweet and Facebook using the hashtags #ChangeTheName and #NotYourMascot across social media during Superbowl Sunday. They are hoping the message will start to trend during the day, and encourage the NFL to drop the racial slur from the Washington team’s identity.

Earlier this week, a viral video was released online by the National Congress of American Indians to raise awareness about the continued inappropriate use of “Indian” caricatures and racial slurs to represent professional teams across the United States.

In a report issued by the NCAI, they state “The use of racist and derogatory “Indian” sports mascots, logos, or symbols, is harmful and perpetuates negative stereotypes of America’s first peoples. Specifically, rather than honoring Native peoples, these caricatures and stereotypes contribute to a disregard for the personhood of Native peoples.”


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  1. While driving along Chiefswood Road toward the centre of Ohsweken last week, I saw a big sign on the right advertising a company with the name Red Chief in it.

    Maybe some Six Nations people should tell the company to change its name and remove the sign.

    1. well maybe u shouldnt be visiting our reservation to get ur tax free smokes!! n get the name correct next time..our land our name!!!

      1. I don’t go the reserve to get smokes or gasoline.

        I went to the reserve for the grand opening of the new water treatment plant. I got there early and decided to take at little tour through Ohsweken.

    2. Tell you what Garry, why don’t you write the Washington Redskins’ executive offices and suggest they rename their team the Washington Whiteskins or the Washington Palefaces? For that matter, the Washington Split Tongues has a certain ring to it too. You’re beginning to sound a lot like Gary McWhatshisface. Go busy yourself elsewhere

      1. While your advocate name changes because of “hurt” feelings, could we also drop the “Fighting Irish of Notre Dame”-The Black Bulls-Desert Rats-Cleveland Indians-Dallas Cowboys -Minnesota Vikings -Thorold Blackhawks. It is easier to forget the past by never mentioning it. I am not a “whitey”, nor are arboriginal descendants “red men”. I can accept that the Boston Celtics will defeat the Toronto Raptors without whining ! I am a Celt-members of my family have darker skins than most of the aboriginal descendants.of Canada. Check the MNDA of those of the Eastern Woodlands tribes-they apparently have the same MDNA as found in southern France and Northern Spain.

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