Beloved oral health duo reach retirement

SIX NATIONS — The Gane Yohs Medical Centre Boardroom was open to the community to wish both Dr. Crane and Iris Macdonald well in their respective retirements on Friday, October 5.

The emotional celebration allowed patients that have had their oral health taken care of by the duo to enjoy the time to wish them the best, as Crane served the community for 41 years as a dentist and Macdonald served 44 as a dental assistant.

“It’s been a fun 41 years and I enjoyed all of it,” said Crane. “I enjoyed the peo-ple, enjoyed the children especially and it’s been a very nice place to work — a great place I think.”

“I think I’ll put it as Johnny Carson once said, ‘if I had the chance, I’d do it all over again.’”

Crane explained that patients were always friendly and that the centre had wonderful people to work with.

“There are four major places that I’ve worked and this is the fourth; something had to be right because I stuck it out here. I think it’s because it was a great place to work and I’ve enjoyed it,” he said.

Macdonald said that she is looking forward to the time she will be able to have during retirement but loved each aspect of her time at the centre.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Macdonald. “But I loved the people, loved the work, and loved everything about it.”

She included that she wants to use the time to experience.

“I think after 42 years you can take time to go off and do the things you didn’t do,” she said.

Dozens came to wish them well and celebrate them for their service to the Six Nations community and to reminisce about their work throughout the day.

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