Brant will not move without Six Nations

County of Brant Mayor Ron Eddy and new Six Nations Elected Chief Ava Hill have an informal chat in front of a copy of the Haldimand Proclamation. (Photo by Jim Windle)
County of Brant Mayor Ron Eddy and new Six Nations Elected Chief Ava Hill have an informal chat in front of a copy of the Haldimand Proclamation. (Photo by Jim Windle)

OHSWEKEN —There was an important joint councils meeting Monday morning in Ohsweken. Before the meeting began, Brant County Mayor Ron Eddy and newly elected Six Nations Council Chief Ava Hill have a casual chat in front of a copy of the Haldimand Proclamation, which designated six miles on either side of the Grand River to the Mohawk Nation and others of the Six Nations.

Both councils met in Ohsweken to discuss a letter of intent from the City of Brantford Mayor Chris Friel and his council that would see 5,000 of the 7,000 acre Johnson Settlement lands transferred from Brant to Brantford, for $16.3 million, without consultation with Six Nations on the matter.

The majority of members of the County unofficially stated that Brantford’s  letter of intent would not be accepted by Brant County unless Six Nations was an official part of the process. This Thursday, the Brant Council will meet again to take a vote and formally make its announcement known to the city.

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      1. True all equal stewards to the land I can agree, but for the mohawks not being recognize forever and being recognized is exciting. The Halidmand was made by the mohawks it is very important in this game of Risk. I am just glad to see the mohawks given recognition over the six nations that was made from the confederacy, who the government gave the right to lease land in 1828. Six nations falls under the Indian act

        1. is there more than one mohawk nation?? mohawks are or not part of the five nations or six nations??cause since this was hunting lands to all nations it would have to go thru council so one nation could not make agreement without the rest concerning hunting lands in order to stay united???? or did they break off on thier own??i don,t understand how one nation can make agreements concerning everyone`s land without going thru the council fire?? and this sentence it is because white man says so and not because it went thru council fire:: who the government gave the right to lease land in 1828. so the goverment decides our fate like indian act???

    2. You should read the October 25, 1784 Haldimand document.

      Here is a quote “Whereas His Majesty having been pleased to direct that in consideration of the early attachment to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians, and of the loss of their settlement which they thereby sustained that a convenient tract of land under his protection should be chosen as a safe and comfortable retreat for them and others of the Six Nations”.

      Here is another quote “I have at the earnest desire of many of these His Majesty’s faithful Allies purchased a tract of land from the Indians situated between the Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron and I do hereby in His Majesty’s name authorize and permit the said Mohawk Nation and such others of the Six Nation Indians as wish to settle in that quarter to take possession of and settle upon the Banks of the River commonly called Ours [Ouse] or Grand River”

      See where it includes the Mohawks and others of the Six Nations.

      That was a unilateral announcement made by Quebec Governor Haldimand. He placed his own seal at arms on it and only Haldimand and his secretary, Mathews, signed it.

      I was not signed by any Six Nations chief or other person.

      Is it valid if Six Nations chiefs didn’t sign it?

      1. Six Nations didnt even exist until 1828 and your right at that time there was absolute no mohawks that join in the confederacy. The gov started the division and gave this new found confederacy that was reformed after Buffalo creek right to lease land without any mohawk consent. If the Halidmand not valid why does the gov use it in a court seal. The gov doesnt want to deal with the mohawks, they rather deal with six nations cause its cheaper and they made the six nations with the original sells outs. Confederacy always had the canada back it was them who sign the lease to the mush hole in 1828.

        1. ??bear with me i listening: and have a lot of questions:clarify for me then if six nations didn`t exsist until 1824 then why was the war department reffering to six nations in the 1793 i think it was: from U.S WAR DEPARTMENT??::Mohawk leader Joseph Brandt addresses the Council at Buffalo Creek and observes that the council at Niagara seemed to be headed toward peace until messengers from the Creek Nation arrived with charges that white people were encroaching on the land of the Confederacy. Brandt recommends that the lands already settled by whites be surrendered with the understanding that no further claims are to be admitted beyond an established boundary line.

        2. 1828, where did you get that from?

          The Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, the Cayuga and the Seneca formed a confederacy, a league, of Five Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) Nations under the Great Law of Peace possibly as far back 1150 AD or maybe earlier.

          The Iroquoian Tuscarora Indians moved north from North Carolina sometime between 1712 and 1722 to join the Five Nations Haudenosaunee in the Mohawk Valley and Finger Lakes region of what is now upper New York State U.S.A. to form a confederacy of Six Haudenosaunee Nations.

        3. IDK i think i will not trust the words of the government: as far as halidmond being legal ..idk.. i have doughts..ex: was brandt outside the circle of chiefs: for creators law say if anyone who shall step outside the circle of chiefs then they do naked: so did he have his feet within the circle??..idk it had to go thru council for it to be legal from onkwehonkwe and am confused if did go thru council why would they let it as some being above others instead of all hotinneshonni(did brandt sell us out like some say??))an why i ask how can just mohawks claim land that belongs to all hotinneshonni long before the deed?? a word of caution the two row is legal but not recognized in courts so for them to recognize the deed it must bennifet them ??i don`t trust the words of the white brother but will keep an opened mind so skeauno ona.

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