Breeching coronavirus self-isolation could see $5000 fine per day in Brantford-Brant

BRANTFORD — Orders in place in Brantford-Brant would see residents required to quarantine or self-isolate when experiencing symptoms of coronavirus or have had exposure to a person with coronavirus.

Brant County Health Unit Acting Dr. Elizabeth Urbantke, Acting Medical Officer of Health issued the order under Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act.

The Order is a legal measure that authorizes the Health Unit to enforce individual compliance with public health instructions.

The Order addresses the mandatory self-isolation or quarantine of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, those who have the signs and symptoms and are awaiting their test results, anyone who otherwise have reasonable grounds to believe they have symptoms of COVID-19 and those who are a close contact with anyone diagnosed, displaying symptoms or who had an exposure.

The order applies to all residents of Brantford and the County of Brant and came into effect on midnight July 29.

“All residents are required to follow the requirements under this Order. Those who do not can be charged and fined up to $5,000 per day for every day the offence occurs or continues. This Order will remain in place until further notice,” said Urbantke.

“Thus far in our COVID-19 response, our community has been very receptive to self-isolation and quarantine guidelines. I have put this Order in place to give the Health Unit another tool at our disposal to ensure that same level of compliance can continue. We are putting this Order in place to be proactive. If issues with residents not following these directions did appear in the future, we would have the ability to act swiftly in our enforcement efforts. Many neighbouring jurisdictions have similar orders in place.”

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