Can-Am Lacrosse League pushed to reject killers participation

Warning: sensitive content.

The tragic loss of Tashina General and her unborn son in 2008 sent the community of Six Nations into turmoil as the story of her death reached the people.

Her body was uncovered in a shallow grave as her family was left distraught after receiving a letter, composed by her murderer to mislead them to believe she had left with a “friend” and would return home after birthing her son.

But Kent Squire-Hill buried her after strangling her in “a fit of rage,” during an argument about his impending fatherhood.

At his trial in 2010, he was found guilty of second-degree murder and given a life sentence with no chance of parole for 15 years.

After being released for several years, it has now been circulated that the Can-Am Hamilton Tigers wish to have Hill play as a representative of their division. However, the Current President of the Can-Am League Jason Pragle said that Hill will currently not be allowed to participate.

“The Can-Am has a not made a public announcement, but we do have our regular meeting this week Saturday, January 19. We will be setting our schedule, and the Kent Owen Squire-Hill issue is on our agenda to discuss as a league. A letter was sent out to all teams and all Executive Board Members that at this time he will not be able to participate in the Can-Am at any capacity,” wrote Pragle.

Previously, Hill was barred from playing in other Haudenosaunee reserves with the precept that his actions were an act against the spiritual and medicinal aspects of the game.

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