Child pulled from inflatable pool

BRANT— OPP say a child is recovering after being found in a backyard pool unresponsive in Mount Pleasant Friday evening.

Police say the 2-year-old climbed onto a nearby chair and fell into an inflatable pool that was located on the property. The child was found unresponsive and upon being pulled from the water regained consciousness and began to breath. They were transported to a local area hospital by ambulance for further observation.

Now police are issuing a special pool safety reminder to all parents and caregivers of small children. As the warmer summer-like weather prevails, this safety reminder is vital to the safety of all children.

The most common cause of drowning of children between the ages 1-4 is back yard pools. The following recommendations will go a long way to save lives and ensure everyone has a safe an enjoyable warm weather season.

Pool owners should erect a 4′ high, 4-sided fence with self-closing and latching gates. Adults should always stay within sight and reach of young children and supervising adults should be an experienced swimmer who is with the child at all times, and is trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Other safety recommendations are to sign children up for swimming lessons, make proper emergency equipment is available, a phone near the pool to call 9-1-1, first aid kit, reach pole and a ring buoy with an attached rope.

Police are reminding the public that caregivers must be responsible, sober and confident at all times.


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