Children’s acetaminophen shortage hits Six Nations

OHSWEKEN — The nation-wide shortage of children’s acetaminophen and cough and cold products has also hit the people of Six Nations and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Mankay Lee, pharmacist at Ohsweken Pharmasave, says while there is a limited supply locally on Six Nations of the Grand River being held back for prescription use, there are options for parents looking for the medication over the counter for their children.

Lee says there are certain compounding pharmacies in the area that can make a children’s liquid acetaminophen suspension for parents — like Medicine Shoppe in Caledonia.

For parents of older children who maybe able to swallow a pill, you can also administer regular strength Tylenol — but be sure only to do so under the guidance of a pharmacist who will calculate the correct dosage range for you.

Doing that is simple — you can call any pharmacy, give the weight and age of your child and ask what the proper dosage is and they will give proper instructions. Younger children can take the dose crushed up and mixed into some applesauce or diluted in apple juice or water.

Lee says parents need to consult with a pharmacist and be sure they are using the correct type of medication and not pills that are extra strength or a cold and flu combination pill. He says that Tylenol brands like Cold and Sinus or even Rapid Release pills are different and that when using regular strength Tylenol in a pinch parents have to be really specific about the kind and dosage given.

For now, Health Canada has approved an emergency importation of foreign labelled Tylenol for children that is expected to hit store shelves soon, hopefully ending a six month shortage across all of Canada and the United States.

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