Collectors from across Canada answer after Cree boy’s hockey card collection was stolen

MANITOBA —Seven-year-old Wynston Martin from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, told his grandmother he was being bullied while waiting for the bus earlier in October, and his hockey card collection was stolen.

His grandmother, Carleen Denell Fosseneuve, posted about the incident on social media on October 19 to seek out support:

“Tansi, I’m asking for support for my Grandson his name is Wynston Alex and is a proud member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Wynston is 7 years old and goes to school at Joe A. Ross School. Last week while he was waiting to get on the bus Wyston was bullied and two young men stole his hockey card collection he was carrying and ran off with them. He had been building his hockey card collection for years and is a true St. Louis Blues fan

I am asking if anyone would like to donate a card or two it would help Wynston rebuild his collection. You can inbox me and I will be so happy to pick them up or mail them to [a box designated to receive cards]. The act of generosity and kindness would be so appreciated to help my noosims heart and help him overcome bullying with an act of kindness. And if anyone who would like to help me collect cards for Wynston I would be so so happy to hear from you!” Reads her post.

In response, messages came from Nunavut, Vancouver, Chicago of collections of cards, to be sent to Winston through the mail.

Just four days later, his mother Brooke McDavid took to Facebook to thank for the outpouring of support: “We would like to thank Everyone for sending cards for wynston, and your kindness. He is sorting them right now, he’s so happy sure made his day. His collection is growing each day,” with a photo of Wynston amongst the cards he has received.

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