Community play looking to fill roles

The Six Nations Forest Theatre Pageant is starting to gear up for another community play which is going into its 66th year and is held in August of each year.

Cathy Powless wrote the play this year which is on the life of Tom Longboat. In an interview with the Two Row Times, Powless stated that they are putting out a casting call and are looking for people to fill at least 12 roles including runners, and people for crowd and parade scenes. Powless, who is in charge of casting this year, says they are still looking for people to fill certain roles including Tom Longboat as a boy, an adult and an old man.
As soon as the roles are filled, rehearsals will start.

Powless stated that she also plans on inviting Tom Longboat’s daughter, Phyllis and her family to the play. Phyllis is now in her 90s and resides with her son.

Those interested in participating in the play can contact Cathy Powless at 519-445-0583 or you can find her at Raven’s Drive Thru at 543 Sour Springs Road.

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