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  • Monthly drop-in launches for Six Nations LGBTQ2SI community

    Monthly drop-in launches for Six Nations LGBTQ2SI community0

    SIX NATIONS – Being accepted and loved for who we are is fundamentally important to all people. For many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited and intersex (LGBTQ2SI) people, finding a safe space for acceptance and support can be difficult enough, but finding those spaces in First Nations communities comes with challenges of its own.

  • Reconciliation always worth taking about

    Reconciliation always worth taking about0

    BRANTFORD – These days there can never be too many conversations about reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people and settler Canadians, it’s far too important to ignore. “The level of ignorance is really relevant, especially in our field,” said Taylor Burciul, a personal support work student at Wilfred Laurier University Brantford (WLU). “We need to

  • Who represents me, asks Mohawk man

    Who represents me, asks Mohawk man1

    BRANTFORD – A member of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk Nation), living within the city of Brantford has begun a neighbourhood association. On its agenda is clearing up a number of assumptions on the part of Mayor Chris Friel and his council as well as Conservative MP Phil McColeman and Liberal MPP Dave Levac. “During the last

  • The beautiful soul of Makayla

    The beautiful soul of Makayla0

    I’ll never forget the first time I ever met Makayla Sault. She was just about five years old. It was my first time going inside a church on the reserve and I was curious to listen to what they had to say. Church was always something of a curiosity to me. I sat at the

  • First Annual Zombie Race to raise funds for local family

    First Annual Zombie Race to raise funds for local family0

    A dedicated group of community volunteers came together this week to organize the ‘First Annual Six Nations Zombie 3k Race/Walk’. Post by Six Nations Zombie Run.   This unique race will see runners collect sponsored donations and then run a three kilometer course where they will be chased by costumed zombies. It will be held

  • Stop globalization, decolonize!0

    Dear Editor, Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be fighting to keep our country and this Earth intact due to the creation of silent wars by something hidden in duplicity and innocently called “Sustainable development and Globalization” being implemented throughout all of our communities. So here we are. The agenda