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  • Joe - dutch oven

    Living with Food in the Moment

    As my journey through life takes me on a series of ups and downs there remains some moments of clarity and balance. These moments may only last for an instant but in them I could spend an eternity. This happens when I am fully engaged in working hands on...
  • blueberries

    Cakes made in a pan: Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes

    There are so many ways to enjoy the deliciousness of the season. There are also many ways to take a new approach to familiar foods. Cooking a batter in a pan is a good place to start. Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast, they can be turned into a delicious...
  • IMG_20150728_141439

    The Deliciousness of Fermentation

    A rewarding pastime of mine that I started exploring over the last several years has been learning about fermentation. The journey and exploration has resulted in many delicious pickles, vinegars and other preserves. It is the continual learning and lessons in patience that keeps me engaged. The basic idea...
  • IMG_20150721_092224

    Good minds meet over good food

    Last week I had the pleasure of cooking for a group of professionals that were meeting to discuss the student nutrition programming at Six Nations schools. Inspired by what they were talking about I prepared a menu that I feel reflected the content of their discussion. I hope the...
  • squash

    Summer Squash

    Markets are filling up with summer favourites like sweet corn, all sorts of berries and more. I feel an often underappreciated vegetable group is the summer squash. A few varieties that fall into this category are crookneck, scallop (patty pan) squash, marrow and zucchini. These underappreciated vegetables are great...
  • Spring_pea_soup_with_crème_fraîche_and_bread

    A Refreshing Chilled Pea Soup

    Last Wednesdays event at the Our Sustenance greenhouse marked the end of the most recent instalment of Healthy Roots. I was asked to prepare some tasty seasonal food for the event. Even with the unseasonal amount of rain we’ve been having there were still a lot of fresh local...
  • IMG_20150623_074644

    Garlic Scapes

    I am fond of this time of year for many reasons. The most recent reason I’ve added to the list is harvesting the scapes from fall planted garlic. This is the second growing season that I’ve participated in growing more than I could in a typical home garden. The...
  • 2014-06-17 18.14

    It’s Strawberry Time Again: Strawberry Sorbet

    It was nearly two years ago that I woke up and realized I had the confidence to make a change in my life. It was time to start a journey to authentically connect with the land by engaging in meaningful reciprocal relationships with food and community. This happened during...
  • JoeSalad

    Growing Together: Spring Salad with Vinaigrette

    I have a habit of taking on too much. I have a hard time saying no and I occasionally don’t ask for help when I need it. Each time I extend myself beyond what I’m capable of I get better at being able to set realistic boundaries for myself...
  • 2013-12-09 19.59

    Tasty Grilled Meat

    As the weather continues to warm up, folks looking to escape hot home kitchens increasingly cook food outdoors. There are many ways to do this. The most commonly used is a radiant grill. There are many books written on the subject that I feel complicate and confuse more than...
  • Photo Credit: Adrianne Lickers

    Awesome Asparagus

    Last weekend marked the beginning of the season for the Our Sustenance Farmers Market at 2676 Fourth Line. I will be at the market again this year demonstrating how to use the seasonal vegetables in delicious ways. When preparing food in a humble way I take great care to...
  • IMG_20150511_155320

    Fleeting Fiddleheads

    Fiddleheads are young ostrich ferns that show up in wet areas in early to mid-spring. The season usually lasts for a couple weeks. One day can be the difference between a young tightly curled fiddlehead and an unraveled fully grown frond. They are a wonderfully delicious gift of spring...
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