It’s Strawberry Time Again: Strawberry Sorbet

It was nearly two years ago that I woke up and realized I had the confidence to make a change in my life. It was time to start a journey to authentically connect with the land by engaging in meaningful reciprocal relationships with food and community. This happened during strawberry season when I was doing the ordering for the restaurant I worked at.

I was told by our contractual produce supplier that they weren’t carrying local strawberries. They told me they were not keeping well because of a bad season. Not to mention they were selling the local ones for a significant amount more than the ones that were imported. I was upset and confused. Living in the city I had no real connection to any local strawberry patch to corroborate their story. The only way to truly know was to get out there and be on the land where things grow.

This was part of a chain of events that would lead to me giving up my apartment and job. I decided to enter into the unknown. All I knew was that I was searching for a connection to the land and to my sense of self.

Someone once told me, when you hear something true, it will sound and feel familiar. I believe an open mind and an open heart is necessary for this to happen. I am grateful when I share moments that remind me we are all connected in a way I do not yet have the words for.


Strawberry Sorbet

A delicious and refreshing way to enjoy berries is in the form of a frozen treat. Simply pureed with maple syrup and water then frozen. I have updated and simplified this recipe from last year.

You can use your own ratios. I let my mood guide me and make it to the taste I am seeking at that time.

  • 2 Cups Strawberries
  • ½  Cup Maple Syrup
  • ⅓  Cup Water

Mash or puree berries with maple syrup and water. Add more water if needed. Taste and adjust sweetness to your liking. Place in a shallow container, wrap and place in your freezer. As it starts to freeze take a fork and give it a stir. Continue to do this until it is frozen. The more it is forked, the smoother the end result will be. For a smoother result you can puree it in a food processor when it’s partially frozen.

If it is not sweet enough for you let it melt and add more maple syrup and repeat the freezing process. Enjoy!

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