Stop globalization, decolonize!

Dear Editor,
Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be fighting to keep our country and this Earth intact due to the creation of silent wars by something hidden in duplicity and innocently called “Sustainable development and Globalization” being implemented throughout all of our communities.

So here we are. The agenda of those who have manufactured these silent wars is clearly visible. The writing is on the wall. But, will the people realize what is happening before it’s too late? And, what can we do to stop it?

Seven years of personal research, meeting wonderful people, learning about the Haudenosaunee Great Law, White Roots of Peace, the Two Row Wampum Treaty, the bowl with one spoon, and “oh” have I mentioned meeting Sharon Venne?

Well, all of these things have changed our lives forever not to mention the lives of those we have come across who also see the writing on the wall. The birth of our group DNA (Decolonize North America) after meeting Sharon Venne at a conference three years ago and learning about “International Political Decolonization”, came Given our research, it became obvious that the root cause of most of our problems in Canada, stems from the Canadian citizens continuously and blindly electing politicians who have been manipulated by corporate greed, fast forwarding globalization and committing wrongful doings in our names. As Canadian Citizens, we are the ones accountable for accepting and enduring a false democratic system that only serves to take away all of our voices and power on both sides of the Two Row Wampum.

What can Canadians do? We can take a powerful stand by removing “Final Decision Making Authority” from all levels of Governance.

We can draft a “New Constitution for the People by the People” and finally empower all Peoples within this Country for true prosperity for all.

If we don’t, the United Nations “Globalization and Corporatization” will further remove all of our personal and Canada’s sovereignty and freedoms. Our independence will be decided upon by small groups from other veto powered Countries.

For more information about these issues please join us for a “Community Awareness Speakers Forum” Banquet Style Donation Dinner, October 18, 2014 from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Six Nations Community Hall 4th Line, Ohsweken Ontario.

Speakers will include Dr. Sharon Venne: Cree Lawyer, Treaty 6 Ambassador to the UN and World renown speaker/ Author – Manufactured Consent. Nicole Lebrasseur: Researcher and Co-Founder of i-ACUSE (Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment) and DNA (Decolonize North America). Vernon Beck: Canada Court Watch and CAS changes in the last century and decade.

Barb Garlow – Cayuga Nation
Barbara Henry – Cayuga Nation
Nicole Lebrasseur – Canadian Citizen
And the i-ACUSE teams on both sides of The Two Row

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