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  • Homage to Lieutenant Frederick Ogilvie Loft – 1861-1934

    Homage to Lieutenant Frederick Ogilvie Loft – 1861-19340

    OHSWEKEN ‑ Perhaps one of the most misunderstood Six Nations heroes of the past might be Lieutenant Frederick Loft. To some he was a zealot for Native rights, but to others, he was seen as a compromiser. To make any attempt to know which label is closer to the truth, perhaps a look back at

  • The beautiful soul of Makayla

    The beautiful soul of Makayla0

    I’ll never forget the first time I ever met Makayla Sault. She was just about five years old. It was my first time going inside a church on the reserve and I was curious to listen to what they had to say. Church was always something of a curiosity to me. I sat at the

  • Stop globalization, decolonize!0

    Dear Editor, Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be fighting to keep our country and this Earth intact due to the creation of silent wars by something hidden in duplicity and innocently called “Sustainable development and Globalization” being implemented throughout all of our communities. So here we are. The agenda

  • Permaculture theories parallel Onkwehon:we ways of Thinking

    Permaculture theories parallel Onkwehon:we ways of Thinking0

    SIX NATIONS – Arriving at the home of Kanenhariyo Seth Lefort for the first Atonhetsheriyo workshop on indigenous permaculture, one can smell the corn soup cooking and feel the warmth coming from the kitchen. While the soup simmered, Kanenhariyo showed participants his various box gardens in the front of his home. Sights of rare blueberry

  • Understanding how BC Supreme Court ruling affects all Onkwehon:we0

    On June 26, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada released its reasons in Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia. The decision is the first time that an Aboriginal group has proved Aboriginal title over a significant land base in Canada. However, it is also a landmark decision for another reason: it will fundamentally change the way

  • Decolonizing activism and organizing1

    There are so many genres of activism my head spins at the amount of rallies and protests that I have either been apart of, or have been invited to. I have never been one for either the protests, or the marches. (However when the Oshkimaadziig camp first began, I have to admit that my friend