Déjà vu on Argyle street: Caledonia 10 years after

CALEDONIA — It’s been a little more than 10-years pass since clashes between Caledonia citizens and Six Nations land protectors exploded into a front-page story across the continent and even on the BBC.

It must have seemed like déjà vu for commuters expecting to use Highway #6 south of Caledonia. Far too reminiscent barricades closed traffic Friday morning in a protest directed to Ontario and Canada, and maybe the Six Nations Elected Council as well.

The problem is, Caledonia had nothing to do with the current issue and some Two Row Times has spoken to have shown concern that the embers of the hot summer of 2006 could ignite a new flame.

The group initiating the protest invited Six Nations community members to attend Thursday meetings at a play park on Fourth Line, where the decision was made to begin the Highway 6 blockade.

A groundswell of traditional followers of the Great Law began to stir when it was announced that the Burtch Land promised by former Ontario Premier David Peterson in exchange for the removal of barricades in 2006, was given back to Six Nations through the Elected Band Council.

The reason for staging the protest on Highway 6 was simple. Ontario negotiated the removal of the Highway 6, barricades with a promise some believe was not fulfilled in the specific way the agreement was worded. The Burtch land was to be returned to the Haudenosaunee People in the same condition and title it had as part of the 1784 Haldimand Proclamation land.

In stead, 10 years later, it was transferred through the Indian Act government and registered through Ontario Realty which will still hold control, and sacrifice the underlying title many believe was never given up in the first place. The way it was done will also make the land potentially taxable. Read below for a further explanation of the facts surrounding Burtch, and the reason the new protests have begun as presented by a group of women who initiated the protest.

An OPP spokes person came to the blockade and read a list of violations the protesters are subject to arrest for, but there was no deadline set at that time. Read it in its entirety following this article

Friday, the OPP blockaded Highway 6, at Sixth Line, to keep the protesters and potentially upset commenters some distance apart in an effort to keep the peace. That tenuous peace still holds as of the writing of this article.

There has been a few curious and concerned Caledonia residents gather at the Canadian Tire OPP road block, but to date, there has not been the size of crowds or the anger experienced 10-years ago, on either side.

The demands of the protesters include:

  1. Ontario and Canada return to the Negotiation Table with our Confederacy.
  2. Ontario lives by their words of May 17th, 2006 and returns Burtch Lands under the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.
  3. Six Nations Band Council withdraws their injunction against Kris Hill and the People of Six Nations.


Media Release:

Our Haudenosaunee Declaration

In May 2006, the Province of Ontario stated in writing that the title of Burtch Lands would be returned to its original state and status under The Haldimand Proclamation of 1784. For this our barricades in Caledonia came down in 2006.

The, in April2017, Ontario passes the land, not to our Haudenosaunee Confederacy but to Six Nations Elected Council. With that action, Ontario has committed fraud and lied to our People. Ontario is 100% responsible for any actions resulting from their lies. Ontario’s actions bring much dishonor to the Crown and is in violation of the Two Row Wampum, the Silver Covenant Chain. And the William Clause Wampum.

Ontario also grossly violates the July, 2017 Ten Principles that are to guide the government of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous People. Ontario also brings shame on the words spoken by Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould when she stated that First Nations need to prepare for a future where Indian Act Bands are done away with, opening the door to more Traditional Governance.

We as Haudenosaunee people stand with our Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council. The Letter to Premier Wynne and Prime Minister Trudeau emailed July 2017 states the transfer is invalid and a Breach of Promises and Commitment by the Crown and the Province of Ontario.

We now declare that these barricades erected will not come down until the following have been done.

  1. Ontario and Canada return to the Negotiation Table with our Confederacy.
  2. Ontario lives by their words of May 17th, 2006 and returns Burtch Lands under the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.
  3. Six Nations Band Council withdraws their injunction against Kris Hill and the People of Six Nations.



OPP Statement:


The OPP respects everyone’s right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, and works to balance this with the public’s right to free and uninhibited passage on highways in the Province of Ontario.

The OPP objective in policing this road closer / blockade is to restore the orderly flow of traffic in the safest manner possible. The OPP has no role to play in the underlying issues and is not in a position to resolve them.

The OPP will act to preserve the peace, maintain public safety, investigate any unlawful activity, and enforce the law where appropriate. In accordance with the police duties and responsibilities as set out in legislation and the common law.

Open communication, a reasoned, tempered approach and the proper use of police discretion guide OPP response.

Illegal Actions:

Your actions constitute deliberate interference of traffic on this thoroughfare, which is illegal, and may result in necessary police action to clear the road. Continued interference with traffic on this thoroughfare may result in criminal charges.

Criminal Code of Canada

Depent (sic) on your actions, you may be arrested and/or charged with:

-Obstruct Police: Everyone who resists or willfully obstructs a peace officer in the execution of his/her duty.

-Breach of Peace

-Causing a disturbance – impeding another person

-Mischief – interfere with any person in the lawful use or enjoyment of property

-Intimidation – Block or Obstruct a highway

These offences are punishable upon conviction by fine and/or imprisonment.

Additionally, the Highway Traffic Act authorizes the towing and impounding of vehicles under these circumstances.

You are hereby directed to discontinue your interference with traffic and disperse immediately.

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