Dr. Tony Hall visits Kanata Mohawks

EAGLES NEST — In 2014, Dr. Anthony Hall, noted author of “The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl With One Spoon, Part One,” and “Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism,” was part of a conference hosted in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was designed to be a meeting of the minds of intellectuals from around the world to gather different perspectives on world matters.

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Dr. Hall, well known in the Six Nations Territory, dropped in on his friend Bill Squire and members of the Mohawk Workers at Kanata Mohawk Village, near Brantford, on his way to another conference, this time in Munich, Germany.

While in the area, the Two Row Times spoke to Dr. Hall about the experience and differing perspectives on world geopolitics.

“In 2014, I was invited to a conference is the Islamic Republic of Iran in Taren, a country of 80 million people,” Hall said of his Iranian adventure. “We met and spoke to the people and got a feel for Iran.”

Topics covered at the conference included Palestine/Israel/9-11 and other topics which enflame relations between the Middle East and the Western World.

“They heard from about 60 people from around the world who are considered decedent voices in their country,” said Hall. “Also on hand were some serious investigative journalists who are considered somewhat as heretics in their own societies.”

According to Hall, the conference was a major event in Iran, which received no western attention at all, but had a world-wide audience of 10-million viewers.

“It was good and it was interesting to hear these topics openly talked about without a western slant or bias restrictions,” he said. “Here, we think of ourselves as being very democratic and so on, so it was interesting to be in a country, which is condemned as a terrorist country, and to find that it’s really not that way at all.”

Hall has been openly critical of Canada’s and the USA’s treatment of Native peoples and cultures and the use of mainstream media to create and promote the desired result.

“We are heavily propagandized by a very biased system in that, we used to have some investigative journalism, but by-and-large, what we see on corporate TV and what we read in the big papers and social media is basically just stenography of official sources,” he says. “You wouldn’t have an opportunity to develop any other opinion from those sources.”

Dr. Hall had a chance to tell of the colonialization of the North American Indian, and in particular, the Mohawks.

“The issue of colonization (is the common ground) and the fact that people in Iran have experienced colonialization and an imposed puppet government under the former Shaw of Iran. They are very interested in First Nations in North America as a people who have also experienced colonialization,” Hall said.

Hall’s two highly acclaimed books spend a lot of pages on the history of the Six Nations and the colonial government.

“I feel quite comfortable in that we share a lot of common viewpoints and subjects. That is the geopolitics of our time,” he says.

“One of the presenters was author Gareth Porter who wrote The Manufactured Crisis, about how the Israeli government is trying to create a crisis involving Iran when there is no evidence of it,” Hall says.

Dr. Hall has been a guest on Press-TV, the English-speaking Iranian Worldwide Television Network, which is streamed live on-line.

“I have been to Iran and I have seen it and it seems to me that their biggest crime is that they are running a fairly stable functional, viable society that is providing for the people,” according to Hall.

According to Hall, what he saw and experience stands in stark contrast to the image of Iran projected by most western media and political leaders.

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  1. I think when you people see who was at that conference in Iran they realise it was literally a bunch of wannabe nazis and Jew haters like Ken o Keefe. hall is the last person indigenous people should be associating with, his books pander to indigenous people in order to perpetuate his anti western narratives.

  2. Dr. Anthony Hall is an anti-Semitic piece of dog crap. The fact that indigenous people of North America even associate with this scum is sickening.

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