Dumped containers test positive for methamphetamine

BRANTFORD — Brantford Police say liquids recovered from barrels that were illegally dumped in the city February have been identified as drug lab byproducts of methamphetamine — and were likely byproducts of an illegal controlled drug lab.

In a statment police say four separate incidents of illegally dumped material were reported in February. Two initial location were in the area of Spalding Ave and Golf Road. Another two locations were discovered a few dyes later int area of Edge Street and Glenwood Drive. All four locations contained the liquid byproducts and samples were went away for testing.

Those samples tested positively as meth byproducts. Now police are sending out a warning to the public — saying not to approach any similar containers or illegal dumps similar to those discovered in February.

Instead police are warning residents to contact police, the fire department or city officials to report the location of the dump site.

The BPS Street Crime Unit is continuing to investigate. Anyone with information about the illegally dumped material is asked to contact Sgt. Greg Stanley at 519-756-0113 ext. 2286 or call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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