Impaired driver had three children in car

SIX NATIONS — A female has been charged with dangerous driving, impaired driving and abandoning a child after police say she was found driving while intoxicated with children in the vehicle.

On September 15, police responded to a call informing them of an impaired driver in a blue Chevrolet SUV that was travelling to a Seneca Road address.

When police arrived at the Seneca Road address they found a vehicle matching that description drive backwards onto the lawn, nearly hitting a tree. Police say the driver had slurred speech and glassy eyes, and they saw three children in the back of her vehicle. Officers demanded the driver exit the vehicle but she refused and attempted to drive away, almost hitting an officer with the vehicle.

Officers were able to stop the car and arrested the female for dangerous driving.

She was taken into police custody and released with a court appearance scheduled for a later date.

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