Ji’dawis continues to seek attention

SIX NATIONS. Ji’dawis, a well known attention seeker who has made his name by regularly bothering both Caledonia residents and members of the Six Nations community, returned to Kanonhstaton on Monday, August 26th for an impromptu protest. Ji’dawis and a handful of his supporters milled about at the front entrance of Kanonhstaton seeking to provoke a reaction from Onkwehon:we land defenders living at the site.

It was not immediately clear to observers what Ji’dawis was doing at the site, since it has been a quiet and uneventful space all summer. According to Ogehso:t, an Onkwehon:we grandmother who was on the scene observing matters, “Ji’dawis is trying to get people to respond to him in a negative way so that he can say in court that our people are harassing and bullying him while he’s actually doing that to us.”

Six Nations land defender Theresa “Toad” Jamieson is in court this week to deal with charges stemming from a February 18th, 2012 incursion by Ji’dawis and his supporters.

Ji’dawis has long claimed that police and the government give special treatment to Onkwehon:we people by not allowing “white” people like himself to spend quality time at Kanonhstaton. However, Ogehso:t stated that “we’re not saying that white people aren’t allowed at our site, because we have people of all different races coming to our site every week for potluck dinners. All people are welcome as long as they come with a good mind and act in the spirit of peace and friendship.”

Yako’nikonhri:yo, another Onkwehon:we woman who was present for Ji’dawis’s latest protest added “He’s not coming to seek information or for the purposes of visiting with us. He has a very contentious and negative energy about him. While we don’t really know what his intentions are, we can only try to counteract his presence by acting in a peaceful way.”

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