Kahyonhákta “By the River” longhouse project


Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT) is pleased to announce its new ecotourism initiative. Kahyonhákta envisions a place where the history and culture of the Haudenosaunee can be accurately and appropriately represented while providing cultural, social, educational, and economic benefits to the community of Six Nations.

At the heart of Kahyonhákta is a reconstructed 17th century Iroquoian longhouse, Ganohsa’oweh, “an original house” in Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’/Cayuga. The construction of Ganohsa’oweh will take place in the first phase of the project, which will also see the creation of education and event programming that will be available to groups within the community and visitors to the territory.

To achieve this vision, Kahyonhákta aims to support and increase cultural awareness in the community while providing visitors to Six Nations with an exceptional cultural experience that increases their understanding and appreciation for Six Nations’ natural resources, society, history and culture.

”In keeping with our name, ‘People who are building the extended lodge,’ we are building yet another longhouse. While it has been many centuries since our people actually lived in a bark covered longhouse, we have finally begun to build a new longhouse as a place of memory and learning,” said Richard W. Hill, Sr, Advisory Committee Member to Kahyonhákta. “It has taken several years of research, planning and dreaming to finally be able to see the old-style longhouse rising up on the land. It is such a good feeling knowing that soon our children will be able to see such a historic structure here in our own community. It will be very important to reinforce our traditional identity as the People of the Longhouse. It will also allow us to have a sharing place where the stories, crafts and games of our ancestors come alive for the next generation.”

The build would not have been possible without the generous support of the Six Nations of the

Grand River Economic Development Trust and the build is set to be completed in spring pf 2017.

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