KT’s Christmas Event

SIX NATIONS – KT’s Christmas Meet and Greet with Santa was a huge success at their location on the outskirts of Six Nations.

Families and children of all ages went to take a free complimentary photo with Mr. Kringle and receive a small gift shortly after just in time for the holidays.

Co-ordinator Shayne Maracle was diligently working the photo printer and said “the point is just to give back to the community.”

“I feel great about this,” said Maracle. “I love watching these kids faces and parents faces. They come in and it’s just something fun. We actually have it so Santa brings them a small gift and a treat before they leave. It’s not a huge gift but they still get something and it still means something to these kids.”

Maracle offered his thanks to those that visit KT throughout the year as well as the events.

“We did this last year and it was a huge success, so we thought ‘why not bring it back?’” said Maracle. “As far as [this thing] goes, we had seen it before and we had people ask why we don’t do stuff like that and we thought ‘let’s try it’. Now we’re going to keep doing it every year and expand and expand,” he said.

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