Murray Porter, giving back to the elders

SIX NATIONS – Juno Award winning singer/songwriter/piano man, Murray Porter brought his internationally acclaimed talent back home to Six Nations over the Thanksgiving weekend with an impromptu visit to the Iroquois Lodge to play a few songs in honour of the elders.

“I get it from my dad. My dad (Vic Porter) comes here almost every day just to visit with the people and show how much he cares. I guess he’s about three steps away from here himself. He’s just testing the water,” the younger Porter laughs.

“Elders need to be respected and acknowledged for their knowledge and wisdom,” he says. “Most societies would just sweep them under the carpet. That’s wrong because the elders have so much to give us if we would just listen to what they have to say. We would all be better off without our iPhones, and iPads and Facebook and get back to face to face communication, and I am as guilty as the next person,” he said coincidentally just as his cell phone rang. It was blues artist Robbie Antone calling about a gig they were playing together later that night.

Porter returns home often from his current place of residence in Vancouver, and while here he takes a few gigs in the area, as was the case this time as well. He was part of the CKRZ Radio Gala at the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts in Brantford last week and played at a couple of small pub dates.

Image Caption: Juno Award winner, Murray Porter gives back to the Six Nations community with an impromptu concert at the Iroquois Lodge over the Thanksgiving weekend. (Photo by Jim Windle)

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