Murray Porter to release new album

At long last, Murray Porter’s new album STAND UP! will be released on iTunes later this week.

The Mohawk pianist explained that the album has been four years in the making and the purpose behind it has been in the making for even longer.

“The reason why I called this album STAND UP! Is because it’s time to stand up,” said Porter. “Stand up for the water, stand up for the people and stand up for each other.”

With a mix of culture, history, humour and soul, Porter has been known to bring forth issues affecting indigenous people and presenting them through music. With this album, he incorporated song styles from blues, rock and country, and the album holds purpose that he worked to ensure each piece captured.

“I like to write songs that mean something, I don’t want to just throw something out there that doesn’t have heart and soul and meaning. So the whole album, each and every song has meaning to me,” he said.

“Buffy Sainte-Marie does it and she’s a hero of mine, I’m doing it and there are others doing it too. But I just want to help our people go forward. All of the issues that affect us are things I write about.”

Some of his work has touched on treaty rights, political presence, protest and the work in this album is no different. He spoke on the differences between himself and other artists and noted that fame and fortune aren’t at the forefront of his intent as a musician.

“I don’t need a limo and I don’t need a Cadillac, I just want to be able to maintain and live in a comfortable way, but also bring the message across to our people and the rest of Canada that here we are, we’re not going anywhere.”

Through focusing on purposeful music, for this album Porter also collaborated with several writers including Elaine Bomberry; who contributed a meaningful poem that will be presented in the album through one of the songs that will be released soon.

As a self-taught, singer, songwriter and piano player, who’s spent the last 30 years playing the blues throughout the world, Porter has been compared to the likes of Joe Cocker, Elton John and Delbert McClinton.

Following a long list of accomplishments and awards, his work has proven to be worth a listen time and again.

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