Police urge safe hunting

SIX NATIONS — Police are reminding hunters in the community to be mindful about where they are aiming while hunting on Six Nations after reports were filed of stray bullets hitting buildings and homes in the area.

Six Nations Police are urging local hunters to be aware of the capabilities of the firearms they are bearing while hunting and to always be sure of the target when making aim.

Police say hunters need to take caution around roadways, schools, public places and residential homes. Always wear bright hunting gear to ensure safety and be conscious of surroundings at all times.

They are also issuing a reminder that hunters need to get permission from land owners before hunting on another person’s property.

Police say that even though schools are not in session at Six Nations due to the pandemic that students may still be outside during the day around schools and schoolyards and are urging hunters to avoid areas around local schools to avoid unintended tragedy.

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