Police warn of risks, charges for anyone who attends McKenzie Meadows site

CALEDONIA – OPP say they have arrested 25 people in relation to the McKenzie Meadows residential development site and demonstrations in Caledonia.

On October 1 another person was added to the list. OPP has charged 29-year-old Leah Rowlinson of Toronto, Ontario with: Disobeying an Order of the Court and Mischief.

Police say Rowlinson was arrested, served documents and released. They are to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cayuga at a later date to answer to the charges.

Police are also reminding people that there are two court injunctions are currently in effect and prohibit anyone from being on the McKenzie Meadows property site located at 1535 McKenzie Road, also known as 1492 Land Back Lane, in Caledonia. The injunctions also prohibit anyone from establishing road blockades in Haldimand County.

Police say anyone violating the injunction and attending the property could be charged with: Disobeying Order of Court – court injunction; Obstruct Peace Officer – everyone who resists or wilfully obstructs a peace officer in the execution of his/her duty; Causing Disturbance – Impeding another person; Mischief – Interfering with any person in the lawful use or enjoyment of property and Intimidation – blocking or obstruct a highway.

“These offences are punishable upon conviction by fine and/or imprisonment.

Additionally, the Highway Traffic Act authorizes the towing and impounding of vehicles under these circumstances,” said police in a statement.

“Following its court-endorsed Framework for Police Preparedness for Indigenous Critical Incidents, throughout the incident, the OPP Provincial Liaison Team is engaged in significant collaborative and respectful dialogue aimed at bringing about a peaceful resolution, while ensuring everyone’s safety and preserving their respective rights guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

“The OPP will act to preserve the peace, maintain public safety, investigate unlawful activity and enforce the law where appropriate, in accordance with police duties and responsibilities as set out in legislation and the common law. The OPP appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience during these occurrences.”

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