Province proposes “naturalizing” Kanonhstaton

SIX NATIONS – Randy Reid, Director of Community Initiatives for the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs was met with skepticism on Monday after he attended a Committee of the Whole Meeting at Band Council and proposed an idea for Kanonstaton (the former Douglas Creek Estates).

“It’s a bit of an eye sore,” stated Director of Six Nations Lands and Resources, Lonny Bomberry who introduced Reid to Council and explained why he was there. According to Reid, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs has already spoken with Haldimand County and the Confederacy Chiefs on the proposed ‘naturalization’ of Kanonhstaton or the former Douglas Creek Estates located on Old Plank Road just south of Caledonia. “Ontario has spoken with Haldimand and the Confederacy Chiefs and there has been some agreement on what to do with it,” stated Reid.

According to Reid, naturalizing the land would be a ‘stand alone project’ and will not affect the future or long term use of the property. “We would be making the property more presentable. The purpose of naturalizing would be to return the land to its natural state. We would replace the topsoil removed by the previous developer. We would also remove invasive species, put up fencing around the perimeter, do pond restoration and remove all infrastructure,” stated Reid.

If Council approves the project, the Ministry would draw up a memorandum of understanding, which, according to Reid, will be a ‘collaborative venture’ with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council, Six Nations Elected Council and Haldimand.

Several district councillors expressed their concerns about this proposed project. Roger Jonathan was concerned with the roadways and other infrastructure that is on the property. “Down the road, we may want to put homes there. Six Nations has a shortage of homes for people. You should have come to Band Council first,” stated Jonathan.

Reid assured Jonathan that, “The degree to which infrastructure is removed is up for discussion.”

District Councillor Dave Hill asked Reid when the former Douglas Creek Estate property will be turned over to Six Nations Elected Council at which point Elected Chief Ava Hill told Reid, “When you’re doing that, you can turn over Burtch lands as well.”

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  1. Don’t let the province guide or participate. It is an attempted exertion of their claim to the land. Instead remove any buildings and hardscape and then let it go on its own. If the neighbouring properties are throwing garbage over the fence, or are trying to make claim, deal with them like any border guards would. Push back.

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