Redrum MC send lacrosse player to Saskatchewan

SIX NATIONS — “There are no words to say,” expresses “Mini” Greeene, mom of Bryson who is now going to Saskatchewan to follow his lacrosse star at the SLA-SUBWAY Box National Bantam Championships hosted in Saskatoon between August 9th to14th.

When he earned a spot on the team the joy was tempered by the knowledge that his family couldn’t afford the cost of going. Disappointment didn’t cover the situation and mom started her own fundraising. Six Nations Red Drum MC, heard about the situation and decided to help.

“It’s unbelievable how things are coming together,” she says. “I didn’t think he was going to make it, but with this donation from the Redrum guys, he is going.”

The next step for the Greenes is to continue to raise money towards mom and maybe some other family members going too.

The Redrum ride raised $1,300 and they presented to Bryson and his mother “Mini”, Monday night at the club house.

Bryson was very glad to know he going and is practicing hard without that worry on his mind.

This benevolent bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts got together as a club almost four years ago under the banner of the international Redrum MC group, with the mother club’s first chapter on First Nations land and has developed itself into a benevolant entity helping individuals get through tough times with club rides and other fund raising events.

The Seneca Chapter in New York is having a run this coming weekend which many of the 14 club riders from the Six Nations Chapter will participate in. That will be followed with a ride alongside their Peterborough Chapter, and on it goes. Summer is a bust time for the Redrum MC club.

Like with every organization, there are always growing pains and the Six Nations Chapter has been no different, however Joey General is glad they went through those times and came out the other side with a more defined identity as to who they are and what they do.

“We are very much about family,” says General. “We take our brotherhood very seriously but we have a great time.”

The club estimates they have given tens of thousands of dollars to various needs since opening the chapter. They are always recruiting by way of their Facebook presence or by contacting a current member.

Although they did not ride as a chapter at the Port Dover Friday 13th biker gathering last week, several of them went early, on Thursday the 12th.

“It’s a lot quieter and not as crazy and jam-packed,” said General.

“Crusty” has been with the club since near the beginning and he and his wife , also a bike rider, really enjoy the friendship and commraudry the Club provides.

“I’ve always just been an independent rider,” he says. “I saw the crest one day at Dover and got curious.” He followed the contact trail until he met with present members and joined.

“Fitzy” has been a rider since his teens but has not been a club rider of any kind until Redrum MC. “I’m like Crusty,” he says. “I was drawn here by the same desire to help people through riding.”

“Joe” from Six Nations is one of the original nine Redrum Riders Six Nations Chapter. He has been through the fledgling steps of the club and is very happy with what this Chapter stands for.

“Chewy” is a character that wouldn’t look comfortable behind anything but a part of Harley-Davidson handlebars. He joined the club a year ago in December and has stayed. “I like the fact that we can help people out,” he says.

The mother club has chapters across Canada and the USA and even a few in Europe so their patch and colours are recognized everywhere as a benevolent bunch of riders out to help those in need.

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