Six Nations ambassador pageant crowns

Coming up on almost 80 years, the Six Nations ambassador pageant crowned a fluent Mohawk speaker and educator as the new Miss Six Nations.

Miss Six Nations winner Dawn Martin is a Mohawk, Bear Clan who is an educator at Everlasting Tree School. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education.

She said she wanted to be an ambassador to represent the community “in a way that embodies our collective history. Six Nations is a vibrant and beautiful community and I’m proud to have lived and grown on these lands and waters.”

She took the crown home at the annual fall fair on Saturday at the Six Nations Community Hall.

She joins dozens of women going back to 1946, when Norma Martin was the first Miss Six Nations, to represent the community at home and abroad.

Since 1946, the community titles have traveled to nearly every continent on earth.

“Our ambassadors are sharing proudly with the world about who they are,” said emcee Ralph Summers.

Contestants received a score out of a potential 250 points in three areas, including private interview, stage look and public speaking skills.

The score was out of 600 points in four areas for Miss Teen and Miss Six Nations, including an essay, a traditional presentation and an impromptu question on stage.

The competition, which takes place annually during the Six Nations Fall Fair, was marked by laughter, applause and “awwwwws” as the community’s best and brightest brought their poise and confidence to the stage.

And of course, the competition wouldn’t be complete without the inevitable and adorable gaffes from the Miss Mini and Little Miss Six Nations contestants, who charmed the crowd in with their little waves and smiles in their traditional regalia.

Little Miss Six Nations winner Jurnee Perkins, 6, is a Cayuga, Turtle, who won the judges over with her bold on-stage personality. Her walk and confidence were unparalleled.

She loves art, having fun with her cousins, playing sports and walking the runway. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor.

Congratulations to the winners.

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