Six Nations Food Bank needs more funds for Christmas

The Six Nations Food Bank says it is grateful to have received a generous donation from a local business owner but they’re still in dire need of more funding to stock their shelves.

Food Bank board members said they were overwhelmed with the response to an article in last week’s Two Row Times highlighting the urgent need for money to help them buy enough food for the holidays.

Glenn Styres, owner of Ohsweken Speedway, dropped off a $10,000 cheque to the food bank on Tuesday and another anonymous donor also gave them a $10,000 cheque.

Styres said he is planning to hire a worker at his expense to help the food bank stock its shelves and he’s encouraging other local business owners to step up and donate.

“We just want everyone to have a merry Christmas,” said Styres.

He said he heard how bad the situation is at the food bank and wanted to help.

Sharon Martin, one of the board members, said they can’t give away much food on food pick-up day every Thursday.

“I hear people say they come later in the day and there’s nothing left.”

There’s canned goods but there’s barely any bread or eggs, she said.

Tracy Martin, food bank coordinator, said they had to cut portions from a full dozen eggs to half a dozen eggs.

“We’re rationing giving away food to people who need food,” she said.

The Six Nations Food Bank is serving an all-time high of visitors. Three years ago, before the pandemic, the food bank served about 50 clients a week.

Now, it’s about 300 a week.

The food bank has no regular funding and relies on donations to operate.

The food bank gives away a small bag of dry goods every Thursday.

It’s all non-perishable and is meant to supplement, but not completely support, those who need food on Six Nations.

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