Six Nations pausing consultations with proponents, orders political review

OHSWEKEN — Six Nations of the Grand River’s Consultation and Accommodation Process (CAP) Team projects have been put on hold and all talks with potential proponents paused while the council gets a comprehensive review of the discussions going on.

Six Nations of the Grand River halted all talks between approximately 40 proponents and the Six Nations Consultation and Accommodations Team on Monda and ordered a comprehensive history of the discussions to date.

SNGR Councillor Wendy Johnson raised concerns during Lands and Membership Director Lonny Bomberry’s report to council during Monday’s Political Liaison Committee meeting — suggesting there was a disconnect between projects currently in discussions with the CAP team and the political decisions about who to work with that council has made.

Bomberry brought a list of approximately 40 proponents the CAP team has been in discussions with.

Johnson raised issue with two groups: Nestle and the Ministry of Transportation that were speaking to the CAP team and questioned why the community was even entertaining those discussions.

Bomberry said that when a proponent reaches out to talk the discussions are always exploratory to begin with for Six Nations to be able to determine if the accommodation being proposed by proponents is a worthwhile venture for Six Nations.

SNGR passed a motion to put all CAP discussions on hold while an internal review takes place on the discussions takes place. Council asked for a full report back by February 24, 2020 including all previous band council resolutions attached to the activity taking place with each proponent.

The current CAP team is listed on the Six Nations Future website as Lonny Bomberry, Director of Lands and Resources, Six Nations of the Grand River; Matt Jamieson, President/CEO, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC); Phil Monture, Land Rights Consultant, Six Nations of the Grand River; Paul General, Wildlife Manager, Six Nations of the Grand River; Weylin Bomberry, Wildlife Officer; Robbin Linn, Land Use Officer and Joanne Thomas, Consultation Supervisor, Six Nations of the Grand River.

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