Six Nations Toy Bingo raises over $159,000 for local elementary schools

SIX NATIONS — On January 22, Six Nations Bingo, a sub-department of the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC), was excited to announce that this year’s annual Toy Bingo fundraisers raised a grand total of $159,678.75, which is a 6.13% increase over last year’s fundraisers.

In November and December 2019, Six Nations Bingo welcomed local elementary schools to their facility to host their annual Toy Bingo Fundraiser. Instead of cash prizes, customers play for toys and electronics. Schools are responsible for securing prizes, selling baked goods, and running additional fundraising activities such as toonie tables, or ticket draws.

Six Nations Bingo provides the use of their facility, the staff to run the sessions, bingo cards, and advertising support. The Toy Bingo fundraiser was created nearly two decades ago by local teachers to raise funds to support extra-curricular activities for students. For most schools, this is their primary fundraiser for the year.

This year, all seven Six Nations Elementary schools hosted their event at the Six Nations Bingo Hall. On average, each school generated approx. $22,811.25 from the fundraiser. “I am so pleased that Six Nations Bingo continues to play a part in the local elementary schools’ major fundraising efforts. The hard work of everyone involved will truly make an impact on the current and future generations”, said Chris Pogacnik, Six Nations Bingo General Manager.

Six Nations Bingo would like to thank all the staff, students, and participants for attending the Toy Bingo Events and making it a huge success. The annual Toy Bingo Fundraisers rely on the support of the community to volunteer, donate prizes, or come out and play with their friends and family. Toy Bingo is regulated by the Six Nations Gaming Commission and proudly supported by Six Nations Bingo, and SNGRDC.

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